Cardi B To Join Bernie Sanders In 2020 Presidential Campaign Video

Cardi B To Join Bernie Sanders In 2020 Presidential Campaign Video

NEW YORK, NY - June 25: Cardi B departs from court after being arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges at the Queens Criminal Court on June 25, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

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Cardi B has teamed up with Senator Bernie Sanders to film a 2020 presidential campaign video. The goal being to appeal to more young voters.

“We are working on a way to involve more young people in the political process,” Bernie told CNN. “The future of America depends on young people. They are voting in large numbers, but not large enough numbers.”

Cardi’s support for Bernie has been widely publicized. She took to Twitter earlier this month to show Bernie her support.

“I been reading about Bernie Sanders and I’m really sad how we let him down in 2016 This man been fighting for equal rights,HUMAN rights for such along time.Seeing this country become a better place been really his passion for a long time not a new front for a campaign.” 

Weeks after Cardi’s tweet, Bernie spoke about her when he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live saying that they “have talked on the phone on several occasions. Really smart…she is deeply concerned with what is happening. She comes from a humble background, she knows what it’s like to live in poverty, to struggle and she wants to make sure we can improve life for the working people in this country and I’m delighted.”

Now, Cardi has shared an image of her and Bernie’s meeting from Monday.

“Not me, US. Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders for sitting with me and sharing your plans on how you will change this country,” Cardi wrote in the caption. “A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you had the opportunity to have a question answered by a democratic candidate what would it be? I got a lot of submission and selected the most popular questions to get answered. Stay tuned to see how he will fight for economic, racial, and social justice for all. Together, let’s build a movement of young people to transform this country.LETS LEARN OUR CANDIDATES!” 

Do you think Cardi B’s support for Bernie Sanders will push him to the top?

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