Cardi B Goes OFF On A Reporter For Filming Her Family

Cardi B Goes OFF On A Reporter For Filming Her Family

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Cardi already told y’all she DON’T NEED NO PRESS!

It looks like Cardi B had herself a little verbal altercation this week with a reporter from the popular Spanish channel, Univision. On Thursday,

Yesterday poopular spanish new station, Univision shared a clip to their Youtube channel of a reported bu the name of Gelena Solano approaching Cardi B; who was out and about in New York with her father and daughter. The “Please Me” rapper tells the reporter that she doesn’t want to speak to her because she wasn’t camera ready, and more importantly she was with her family, whom she didn’t want to be filmed. “You look beautiful,” the reporter tells the Bronx native. “I don’t look beautiful…have my father, I have my daughter. I just don’t look decent like look how I look.”

Solano continued to ask her questions and get in her face and sis SNAPPED. Cardi’s Dad had to hold her back when the reporter began recording and asking him questions.”Don’t put my father on TV,” she screamed. “Don’t put my father on TV, because my Dad don’t walk around with security and you don’t know people that’s gonna harm my Dad.” Watch the clip below:

Kulture’s mama later went on IG Live to speak her peace and tell her side of the story. “It’s like I haven’t even closed my car door yet and you recording me with my father and my daughter,” Cardi started. “My parents, they don’t like to be on camera…certain people was stalking me and that freaked my parents out…they was like ‘Yo we don’t wanna be on camera. We are regular people.'” People on social media are divided because they think since Cardi is famous this is part of the job…well that is true. BUT let’s remember Cardi signed up to be famous NOT her family. What y’all think? Was the reporter wrong OR nah?

Watch her full 6 min live below:


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