Evan Lovett Joins Power 106’s Brown Bag Mornings to Celebrate “LA in a Minute”

Evan Lovett Joins Power 106’s Brown Bag Mornings to Celebrate “LA in a Minute”

Capturing the essence of a vibrant city like Los Angeles is not an easy task. However, Evan Lovett, the creative mind behind the popular “LA in a Minute” videos, has taken up this challenge and has become a beloved LA content creator with his short clips detailing all things LA. Recently, Lovett joined Power 106’s Brown Bag Mornings to discuss his passion for LA culture and the inspiration behind his captivating videos.

Lovett, a true LA native, hails from Van Nuys and grew up in what is now known as “North Hills.” His deep connection to the city and its diverse neighborhoods laid the foundation for his love affair with everything LA.

Through his Instagram account, Lovett gained popularity for his short videos that encapsulate various LA topics, landmarks, events, and all things local. These bite-sized clips have become a go-to source for discovering the hidden gems and rich history that make LA unique.

Clarifying the concept behind “LA in a Minute,” Lovett explained that it doesn’t necessarily mean a strict 60-second clip. Instead, it represents a concise presentation of LA’s vibrant culture and interesting facts in a short time frame. It’s like saying “I’ll be there in a minute” when locals talk about getting caught in LA traffic, he said.

Lovett’s passion for sharing random facts and intriguing information with his friends led him to start the “LA in a Minute” project in January 2022. Seeing his son’s involvement on TikTok, Lovett joined the platform to bring his unique LA fun facts to a wider audience.

During the interview, Letty shared her own knowledge of LA’s historical trivia. They delved into interesting topics like “Dodger Orange,” the long-standing partnership between Union Oil and the Dodgers, as well as the rise of Thrifty Ice Cream, a beloved LA-born brand.

Showing off more of his knowledge, Lovett recognized Power 106 as a foundation in LA culture, sharing the station’s history, dating back to January 11, 1986. Lovett revealed Power was once a dance radio station, turning into an adult contemporary format. Lovett also paid tribute to DJ Jay Thomas and Power 106’s pioneering role in playing minority artists, introducing shoutouts, and releasing compilation albums, all of which have contributed to shaping the LA music scene.

Despite others taking inspiration from his “in a minute” content, Lovett remains humble and avoids negativity. He acknowledges that he didn’t invent the concept and encourages others to create their own versions. Rosecrans Vic shared his hip-hop rendition of “In a Minute,” focusing on upcoming LA artists and news releases, citing Lovett as his inspiration.

Luckily, Lovett gave Vic his blessing to continue the videos and gave him the seal of approval for his hip-hop version of the idea.

During the interview, Lovett shed light on the history of “Cruisin’,” an LA car culture phenomenon that originated in Van Nuys. The constant harassment by the LAPD led car enthusiasts to organize this unique event in Van Nuys, which quickly became an integral part of LA’s automotive scene.

Toward the end of the interview, Evan Lovett shared glimpses of his possible upcoming projects and plugged in his podcast. He also took the opportunity to give a shoutout to his Mexican wife from Sylmar and their son, emphasizing the importance of family and culture in his life.

Through his engaging content, Lovett continues to captivate audiences with the spirit of Los Angeles. You can follow Lovett on social media as he explores new projects and listen to “LA in a Minute” on your favorite podcast-streaming platform.
Editorial by: Liliana Santos

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