Mac Miller Fund Donates $100,000 To YMCA

Mac Miller Fund Donates $100,000 To YMCA

Photo Credit: Getty / Dale Berman

The Mac Miller Fund donates $100,000 to a YMCA music program in his hometown of Homewood-Brushton. The money will be distributed in a three year period and go to the YMCA Lighthouse Project and apprenticeships at Tuff Sound.

The music program will cater to teenagers and young adults, the money will help them train to become sound engineers. The director of Creative Youth Development James Brown said, “These programs give young people a voice and empower them, through technical and transferable skills, for life after high school . . . there is a lot of emphasis on who is standing on the stage, but to build an industry you also need people behind the scenes. We’re helping to grow the music industry in Pittsburgh by making sure young people of color from neighborhoods like Homewood involved.”

The Miller family believes in keeping his spirit alive, “he [Mac Miller] cared about making the world a kinder place.”

What a sweet way to give back in the name of Mac Miller.

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