Vince Staples Starts New Music Program In His Hometown

Vince Staples Starts New Music Program In His Hometown

The YMCA in Long Beach now has a new music program thanks to Vince Staples.  The Prima Donna rapper teamed up with Levi’s Music Project to create the Music Technology program for all the children in the area.  Vince is from Long Beach so he wanted to create this program to show kids that it’s not necessary to be a famous artist in order to be successful.  He wants children to know that there are various other aspects of the music industry that can allow them to make money while doing what they love as well.

For the launch of the campaign Vince went to the YMCA with Def Jam’s No I.D. and taught a songwriting class to some of the kids.  He explained to the kids that it is important for them to find their passion and to have a community of people that they know and can help them achieve their dreams together.

Check out the promotional video for the new program below.


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