HBD Beyoncé! Peep Our List Of The Queen’s 11 Most ICONIC Music Videos

HBD Beyoncé! Peep Our List Of The Queen’s 11 Most ICONIC Music Videos

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 1: Beyonce Knowles talks while being interviewed at the Giorgio Armani Go Red for World AIDS Day at the Giorgio Armani Store on Madison Avenue on December 1, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

38 years ago today an ICON was born. So we’re listing our all-time favorite videos and let me tell you, this was no easy task! How does one choose when everything she does is LIT-ER-AL-LY flawless?!

*Oh and SIDEBAR for the Beehive…this is is NO PARTICULAR ORDER so don’t come for me y’all!*

“Drunk In Love”

Y’all remember when my queen BROKE THE INTERNET when she was the FIRST to start the trend of surprise albums? And a visual album at that too! Whew! And AND the whole thing is in black and white??? We had NO choice but to stan!


Remember when she wore that “Kale” sweatshirt so we all ran out an bought “Kale” sweatshirts?!

“Single Ladies”
THIS CHOREOGRAPHY. Our girl went down in HISTORY for this one!!!

“Love On Top”
If you haven’t almost broken a rib in the shower trying to put on a performance of this song have you even lived? The answer is no if you were wondering.

“Check On It”
Ok look. I know I said this list wasn’t ranked but this video is TOP TWO. And it’s not two. Let’s argue!!!

Liiiisteeennnn. This video CHANGED the game. The culture even! She performed this at the SUPERBOWL chile. AND WE GOT A BLUE IVY CAMEO?!

“Hold Up”
The yellow dress. The baseball bat. Whew! What else needs to be said?!

“Crazy in Love”
This video is was CATAPULTED her into superstardom. We didn’t even know we had a living breathing LEGEND just walking among us. We are not worthy!!!

This video hit DIFFERENT. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

“Deja Vu”
Y’ALL! Yoncé did NOT have to go that hard. But SHE DID. She did it for us!

This joint has almost a billion views on YouTube. Yes you read that right. A BILLION honey. AND she had fine ass Michael Ealy in it too. TUH!

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