Jeezy on “TM104”, Motivating Thugs, Advice to New Rappers & More

Jeezy on “TM104”, Motivating Thugs, Advice to New Rappers & More

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The OG, and hip-hop icon, Jeezy, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and talked about “TM104,” as well as gave some motivational advice for thugs and new rappers coming up in the game.

As soon as the interview begins, the Atlanta rapper delves into how disciplined he had to become when he started living a healthier lifestyle. He did this not only for himself but to motivate his fanbase.

“…I saw the effects, and it was a no-brainer….I’ve always been disciplined but I just thought I’d make a choice, ‘Okay, this is more important than that,’ so even fore my fans and people that follow me, I want to at least be that for them.” 

After talking about what motivated his lifestyle, he then went down to breakdown his different albums and the inspiration that derived from growing up in the streets. Thug motivation really came from all the intellect he learned while hustling.

“If you really look at the albums, they really like self-help books.”

Like 2Pac and other legends he looked up to, Jeezy really wants to be able to put upcoming rappers on game, to learn and continue a progressive rapping career. He also goes into advising not taking the easy routes in life to make your life more meaningful and successful.

If you do what’s hard, your life will be easy. If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard.”

Jeezy has proven that one can truly go from rags to riches, however, can only maintain their riches with a positive mindset.

Catch the FULL interview below:

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