Jeezy on ‘TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman’ , Trap’s Mt. Rushmore & More [WATCH]

Jeezy on ‘TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman’ , Trap’s Mt. Rushmore & More [WATCH]
Following the release of TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman, Jeezy came through the #LIFTOFF to talk about the album and more with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. When speaking about the project, Jeezy shares how fans would come up to him talking about the tracks and features and adds that this project was more for his love of the craft, rather than doing it for the money.
The Snowman’s album includes 18 tracks and features from a few major names like Meek Mill, Gunna, John Legend and more. Studio sessions are considered therapy for the rapper which he shares he wrote “The Real MVP” about his mother and that was how he was really feeling in the moment. He also explains another track on the album titled “’06” featuring Rick Ross and why it is one of his favorites.
“’06’ is one of my favorite joints ’cause I feel like that’s the record that Pac and B.I.G. would have done if they would’ve still been around.” Jeezy goes on to add “Cause I still feel like B.I.G. should’ve been on the record with Pac and Bone. I feel like that was ”06′ was. That old school ‘Cali bounce with the snare. For me and Ross to get on that record, I feel like it was special.”
When DJ Sourmilk asks Jeezy to name which track he likes the most on the album he states “Fake Love” featuring Queen Naija. “That record means something. Somebody somewhere going through that and when they leave the club and they get in the car, they’re going to cry in the car. That’s real life I’ve seen people betray me and betray other people and there’s no self help books about that…but you can listen to that song and get an idea on how to handle that.”
On the trending topic of Jay-Z and his NFL partnership, Justin Credible asks the Atlanta rapper his thoughts on Hov’s decision and says “When people make moves you have to wait and see what the end result is because you never know, it may work in everyone’s favor and if it doesn’t then we can have that conversation then.” Jeezy goes on to talk about his own business ventures from his phones to Avion Tequila and even his own CBD water.

Watch the full interview below to see Jeezy name his Trap Mount Rushmore, advice he’d tell his 18 year old self plus a LOT of other gems!

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