Jordan Shoots Her Shot At Nick Cannon

Jordan Shoots Her Shot At Nick Cannon

Photo credit: Power 106

In this episode of  “Shoot Your Shot At Nick Cannon,” Jordan takes a shot at Nick’ heart.

The bubbly Texan, Jordan, arrived to her date in hopes to give Nick a good first impression. When asked about what she hopes to learn from her hot date she stated, “I guess definitely wanting to know about his childhood…and how he got into this business.”

Based on her anticipation and excited personality, when asked what she wanted out of the date, she said, “I want to walk away feeling a source of accomplishment that I was even here. That I had the guts…and that I gave myself a shot to try it out.”

When asked if she wanted to have another date with Nick, she responded with, “Hopefully.”

Based on the video, it definitely looked like Nick and Jordan enjoyed each other’s company!

Watch the whole date below!

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