Kash Doll Argues w/ Nick Cannon over Monogomy & Talks “Ready Set” Ft. Big Sean

Kash Doll Argues w/ Nick Cannon over Monogomy & Talks “Ready Set” Ft. Big Sean

photo credit: Power 106

Kash Doll and Nick Cannon may see eye to eye when it comes to a lot of things, but when it comes to being and behaving in a relationship, they are on two different ends of the spectrum.

The Detroit rapper stopped by the #NickCannonMornings studios for a Close Conversations chat, where got a few things off her mind in regards to popping off, being a female in the hip-hop industry, meeting icons, and most specifically how she feels about men.

Cannon broke the ice asking her about whether she ever gets a moment to chill and have time for herself considering how well she has been doing since her single “Run Me My Money” and first album ‘K.R.E.A.M’, Kash Rules Everything Around Me in 2015.

The two connected over being busy and only having time to be themselves while traveling and being on a plane.

“You get to think, you get to be you. I be missing Keisha sometimes, cause Kash Doll be taking my life,” she said.

Cannon then steered the conversation towards a statement she had previously made about the difference between a boy and a man. Kash said the difference is that a boy is a burden on you but a man meets all needs. Cannon was not with that wave and got Kash Doll dropping the big questions.

“As a man, let me ask you this, do you ever feel like you get to a point where you just wanna be with one woman?” she asks Nick.

Watch the interview below to find out how Nick thinks ALL men are in regards to monogamy, love, compassion, ego, loyalty.

credit: Shay Almawlani


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