Common names Kendrick One Of His Favs + Talks ‘”HER Love” feat. Daniel Caesar & More

Common names Kendrick One Of His Favs + Talks ‘”HER Love” feat. Daniel Caesar & More

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The OG, living LEGEND himself, Common stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and dropped some gems!

From his charisma, to his natural, great energy, Common has a very down-to-earth personality. While he’s been in the game for a minute, his humility and love of mankind has not changed one bit.

“I love people and I feel that we deserve a place of peace for ourselves…”

He even dabbles into his book, “Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir,” and talks about the love and wisdom he drops in the memoir, and even mentions how therapeutic it is.

“I discuss therapy and how beneficial that it’s been, you know my spirituality…I feel like in black and latino communities, we don’t talk about as much like…child molestation. I’ve been visiting some prisons in California, you know building with brothers and sisters, and so many people have been abused, and they end up translating that into violence. My whole thought process is like, man how can I be a part of the solution?”

Nick also pays homage to Common, and expresses his admiration for the rapper, saying he doesn’t get enough credit for all the humanitarian work he’s done, in addition to his incredible lyricism and storytelling.

“Honestly, the ‘Retrospect of Life,’ really changed my life…that record really inspired a record that me and Kanye made that was about my mom making a decision of having an abortion of ME!”

Common is known to show love unapologetically, especially to those who he feels deserve all the credit and more. In his Top 5 favorite rappers, not only does he show love to the greats like, Biggie, he even shows a rapper younger than him some love: Kendrick Lamar.

“Biggie, Nas, these are my favorites, Andre 300, Kanye, and KRS One, the teacher, with Kendrick being right there.”

Not only does he shout-out Kung Fu Kenny, but he also shouts-out another very influential person he learned from and enjoyed working with: Dr. Sebi.

“He’d be joking and telling you about the herbs while smoking a joint!”

Without a doubt, Common is a humble humanitarian, looking to spread love not only through his lyrics, but his actions as well.

Catch him talking more about his newest single with Daniel Caesar, “HER Love” and MORE below:

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