J. Cole, EARTHGANG, Smino & Saba Drop the Visual for Dreamville’s “Sacrifices” [WATCH]

J. Cole, EARTHGANG, Smino & Saba Drop the Visual for Dreamville’s “Sacrifices” [WATCH]

The Dreamville Summer continues. This time, the Dreamville Head Huncho, J. Cole, is joined by EARTHGANG, Smino, and SABA in the minimalist-style visual for ROTD3s “Sacrifices.”

The gang takes us through what appears to be an abandoned building, entirely decorated with graffiti and wall markings. Somehow, despite production taking place in scenery that we may have all seen a dozen times over, the old structure seems almost beautiful and cathedral-like as EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus delivers his enchantingly elegant hook.

We are then joined by Smino, a Ferguson native who has made a name for himself by awing his fans with distinctive flow and relatable bars. The NOIR lays his verse while visibly repping the face of Michael Brown, a man who was fatally shot by police in the rapper’s hometown.

Chicago’s SABA appears in front of a body of water not long after Smino utters his last verse. Venus then finds himself in the same building scene as his video-predecessors. However, he makes his appearance in yet another section of the structure, at the center of what appears to be a hallway, the pillars behind him adding a level of dimension to the scene.

Finally, Mr. Jermaine Cole reveals himself. His scenes seem depict a slightly darker vibe than that of the others. The viewer is almost filled with an emotion that isn’t easily identifiable right away, as Cole lays the very last lines of the track in a dark corner.

Aside from the lyrics being beautifully and touchingly written, the visual provides another layer to the message of the track. The video is noticeably lacking many of the elements that have characterized some rap visuals. The scenes are free of cars, and furs and even a female lead. The viewer is almost forced to just simply watch the emotion being emitted from each artist as he says his piece.

If you haven’t already, check out the visual for “Sacrifices” below!

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