Megan Rapinoe’s Got Beef With President Donald Trump

Megan Rapinoe’s Got Beef With President Donald Trump

Photo credit: Getty / Maja Hitij

We all know President Donald Trump can’t stay quiet when people speak on his name!

Recently, it was U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team player, Megan Rapinoe who, a few weeks ago, said she wouldn’t visit the White House if the team won. Trump clapped back saying, she’s going to have to win first in order to be invited.

Welp! The U.S. won and Rapinoe is sticking to what she said. She was recently interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and expressed exactly how she felt about the president.

Rapinoe said, “I would say that your message is excluding people.” “You’re excluding me, you’re excluding people that look like me, you’re excluding people of color, you’re excluding Americans that maybe support you,” she continued.

She went on to challenge Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” explaining how many American’s don’t have it great and he should be more inclusive.