Trump Administration Places Regulation On Traveling To Cuba

Trump Administration Places Regulation On Traveling To Cuba

Photo credit: Getty / Alex Wong

President Donald Trump is continuing his rollbacks on all things Obama. The Trump administration has ended the “people to people” travel to Cuba and prohibited cruise ships, personal aircraft and personal boats to visit the island as of Tuesday.

Although the new regulation doesn’t include money sent by Cuban-American’s to their relatives, a spokesperson of the Treasury Department says additional regulations will go into place in the upcoming months. So, we’ll see how far they’ll take this.

The administration accused Cuba and blames them for being involved in the misery of Venezuelans, and the reason President Nicolas Maduro has remained in power. Cuba says otherwise.

And if you’re thinking of violating these provisions, you will be subject to prosecution. All travelers are required to present proper documentation of permitted activities and be ready to show them even years after you’ve traveled to Cuba.

Props to anyone who took advantage of traveling to Cuba. Who knows when the next time we’ll be allowed to do it again!

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