SkinnyFromThe9 Comes Clean About Kidnapping Situation & Being Called A Snitch [WATCH]

SkinnyFromThe9 Comes Clean About Kidnapping Situation & Being Called A Snitch [WATCH]

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SkinnyFromThe9 blew up in the rap game with his breakout single “Love Blast,” which currently hails at over 2.8M views on Youtube alone. In 2018, the New Jersey rapper followed it up with another standout single titled “Back When I Was Broke”, which hails at over 14M on Youtube. Since then, he’s been dragged by the media as well as audiences all across the States. We chatted with Skinny about being called a snitch & what really went down during the kidnapping scandal.

Off the rip, he introduces himself. He states, “SkinnyFromThe9 is the most doubted, underrated rapper right now. Skinny is a kid who turned nothing to something. Raised in Jersey, born in Florida. Now that I’m sitting here and got everything I ever asked for, people are mad and they tell lies and rumors about me. I didn’t kidnap anybody. If I kidnapped somebody, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I was framed. I sat in jail for 4 months for something I didn’t do.”

People call him a snitch because 5 years ago, he was a kid being reckless in the streets. Someone had set a fire on fire and they blamed it all on him — who claims he had nothing to do with it. It was 5 years later that he blew up with his rap career, which resulted in the same guy who was mad sending clips of Skinny at the police station, in an attempt to ruin his name.

Responding to the incident where he was attacked at a restaurant, Skinny explains how he got hit, but not beat up. At this point in the interview, we were interrupted by Skinny’s blood brother who didn’t like the direction it was going. This allowed Skinny to open up about the reality of his own family members stealing from him, his friends stealing from him, and sending a cry for help as his career was just beginning to take off.

In regards to his mindset now, he plans to focus on his #1 priority: the music.

“I’m underrated for sure. They forgot all about the music and focused on whatever they heard about it. It wasn’t like a year ago when I was first coming up, and people liked my music. Now I’m just trying to get away from all that stuff, and get back to what really got me here — which is the music. I don’t got no relationships, it’s like I’m starting all over again. I lost everything & just on my road to redemption, trying to get everything back.”

Watch the whole interview above!

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