Asher Angel Talks Leading Role In ‘Shazam’ , Signing To Hit Co , + Why He Quit Fortnite

Asher Angel Talks Leading Role In ‘Shazam’ , Signing To Hit Co , + Why He Quit Fortnite

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Asher Angel is only 16 but has taken on the lead role in the Shazam remake and talks what it means to join the D.C. universe family.

Angel may be young but he’s definitely out here trying to secure the bag! He breaks down all things related to his new lead role and says the film actually features a lot of hip-hop. As far as which particular artists are featured, he’s staying hush hush on that. One things for sure, he must be pretty good at keeping a secret because he’s also staying tight lipped on his other projects, only saying “There’s things in the works…”. Ooo so mysterious!

Like many 16 year olds, the actor has played a little, or a lot of Fornite in his days. His go to game is Red Dead Redemption but the gag is, he’s actually STOPPED what he calls “the Fortnite grind,” because he would spend up to FIVE hours a day playing the game! He also admits…he wasn’t actually that good! We love a guy who can laugh at himself.

Why should you go see his new movie Shazam you ask? Asher says, “I want them to know you should go see this movie for many reasons. It’s different than any movie I feel like D.C. has put out. It’s a superhero movie, that meets big kinda—and what kid doesn’t want to be a superhero?”

The film hits theaters this Friday, April 5th. Watch his full interview below:

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