Bryce Vine Shares Moment YG Hopped on “La La Land” + How His Struggle Led To Success

Bryce Vine Shares Moment YG Hopped on “La La Land” + How His Struggle Led To Success

photo credit: Power 106
Bryce Vine’s only goal right now is to “make good music” and to “take over the world.”

The “La La Land” singer came through the Power 106 studios to chop it up with The Cruz Show to talk about his YG-featured single, his come up before finding success, and much more.

Growing up surrounded by music and influenced by his Father’s musical tastes, Bryce shares his now connection to his fans through his music and why it is important to create art that is worthwhile.

My fans love to connect to the song, you know what I mean? They’re like life-long; they’re going to be at every show until they’re too old to come. So, I love that. I mean, that’s how I grew up. I grew up appreciating artists that were real artists. Like 2Pac and even like nowadays, Gambino, Frank Ocean, Gorillazs, OutKast, like, these guys who really made their own thing out of pieces of other things.

Vine comments on what it was like recruiting L.A. native YG for his La La Land single telling the Cruz Show that there were a few other rappers who could have ended up on the track before YG solidified his verse. Bryce tells Cruz and Lechero, “He was who I wanted for this. The whole song is like a new anthem for California culture and there’s a side of it that I just don’t represent. And, YG does represent that, you know. I understand that I’m not the guy to speak from that point of view.”

He continues saying, “His whole presence in rap and culture has been huge to me and like I’ve loved him for years. So,he didn’t hear the song for a while even though we were trying to get to him so we went through a couple of other people that accepted it and were down to write a verse. And I was like, alright cool. And then my labels surprised me right after New Year’s. They were like, “Hey we have a new version of the song, don’t freak out, just check it out, on a conference call, and YG had already recorded it.”

Peep below what he says about how he starting smoking marijuana while he was in the middle of searching for inspiration and motivation, why Cali has the best tacos, and even shares his experience performing at the Borderline Grill in Thousand Oaks, where G_Eazy performed as well, which was the site of a mass shooting that occurred back in November 2018.

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