Michael Cohen Testifies In Front Of Congress

Michael Cohen Testifies In Front Of Congress

Photo credit: Getty / Chip Somodevilla

President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, is going head-to-head with members of Congress, mainly Republicans.

So far Cohen has called Trump a “con man,” “racist,” and a “cheat.” Ouch! But is that surprising?

Cohen even clapped back at GOP Congressman, Paul Gosar, after he repeatedly called him a liar, to which Cohen shot back with, “Are you talking about me or the president?”  OKAYYY!

GOP can call him all the names in the book, but Cohen brought the receipts!

Republican, Jim Jordan asked Cohen why he didn’t follow Trump into the White House, even claiming Cohen’s intentions are to get revenge on the president for not taking him in. BUT!!! Cohen brought in a lawyer who provided a memo with the offer and why he should decline.

Cohen didn’t come to play.

“I am partially responsible for ‘silly’ behavior in Congress today.”

While the former attorney did make some arguably shameful decisions with Trump, he is claiming responsibility for his inexcusable actions.

Wonder what this testimony means for the future of our president…

For the rest of his testimony, click here.

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