What You Missed From President Donald Trump’s SOTUS 

What You Missed From President Donald Trump’s SOTUS 

Photo credit: Getty / Chip Somodevilla

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was just under an hour and a half, but best believe there were some memorable moments.

For one, Trump is still trying to build that wall. Okay…

He addresses the fact that some people of Congress actually voted for a wall in the past but the “proper wall” was never built.

Trump is referring to The Secure Fence Act of 2006. Where most Democrats voted to build a 700 mile long fence along the southern border. And with it, enhanced surveillance, satellites, and cameras.

But what Trump wants and promised his supporters, is a giant concrete wall.

Not exactly the same thing.

Besides that, the president gave some spotlight to the women in Congress.

He stated, there are more women serving in Congress than ever before.

Yas Queens!

Trump then ends his speech with a final appeal to overcome divisions within other countries.

He said him and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un will meet in Vietnam on the 27th and 28th of February.

Then later praised himself for preventing the U.S. from going into war with North Korea.

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