Harry Mack On Debut Album ‘Contents Under Pressure’ + Freestyles On The Spot TWICE

Harry Mack On Debut Album ‘Contents Under Pressure’ + Freestyles On The Spot TWICE

photo credit: Power 106
Los Angeles native Harry Mack went viral when he freestyled for Joey Bada$$ on The Cruz Show and today he released his debut album ‘Contents Under Pressure’ available now on all streaming platforms.

Making his return to the morning show and showing his love for the Power family, Mack gave us details behind his debut album, his upcoming show, and of course he dropped some of his signature freestyle bars.

After recently “going dark” on his social media platforms, Harry Mack revealed the meaning of debut album title saying:

It‘s called ‘Contents Under Pressure’ because it’s something that I been working on for a long time. Actually, since we first met, almost two years ago now. I been plugging away, working hard, and you know I have felt a certain amount of pressure on me to get this music out and to get it ready. Because you know I had some videos go viral early on and, you know, that was like an amazing blessing, gave me a big platform and I’m super grateful for that. But, I think that anytime you are sort of known as a freestyle artist, people want to know if you can make a record.

Mack goes on to mention that Nas’s Illmatic album has had an influence on his rap style and he also dropped a complete throwback freestyle, which features shouts to 935 KDAY, DJ Premier, Biggie Smalls, and many more. The lyricst also reveals how his first rap name and shares what Power 106 means to him.

Peep the full Harry Mack interview and signature freestyle below:

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