Cardi B Rejects Super Bowl Performance With Maroon 5

Cardi B Rejects Super Bowl Performance With Maroon 5

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The latest buzz around the Super Bowl halftime show is that Cardi B was asking for $1 million dollars to perform. The Bronx rapper is clearing all rumors and has denied claims about any money agreement. She will likely skip the performance with Maroon 5 and Travis Scott to rise in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

According to media outlet, Page Six, Cardi B was arranging a million dollar deal, in addition to a solo performance for the Super Bowl Halftime show, if she did, in fact, come out with Maroon 5 on February 3rd. Halftime show performers however, usually do not receive any payment to perform; the gig itself is a huge opportunity for high-profile publicity.

Many may ask why she turned down the huge opportunity, seeing that she may be perfect for the performance for she is already booked to play a pre-Super Bowl concert in Atlanta with singer, Bruno Mars. She will even feature Maroon 5’s hit collab with her, “Girls Like You.”

When questioned, Cardi B stated that she would not want to perform at the major NFL event until they “hire Colin Kaepernick back.”

One of the “Money” rapper’s reps told Page Six that her artist did have conversations with the NFL however, denied any claim in regards to the money involved in the deal.

“The rumor circulating that she wants a million dollars and she wants her own set is false. There was never a firm offer to begin with for a performance. There [were] talks about it, but she was not particularly interested in participating because of how she feels about Colin Kaepernick and the whole movement,” the rep told Page Six. “But again, there was never a solid offer for her to say yes or no to regarding the Super Bowl. She is already confirmed to do a set with Bruno Mars that weekend.”

Just last week, Travis Scott revealed the news that he would perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show with pop group, Maroon 5.

Guess we need to wait and see if anyone else will come out during the big performance!

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