Ice Cube On Kanye West, Donald Trump Support, 6ix9ine Feds Arrest + 10th Studio Album

Ice Cube On Kanye West, Donald Trump Support, 6ix9ine Feds Arrest + 10th Studio Album

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Ice Cube checks in with The Cruz Show to talk about his new single “Arrest The President”, the status of ‘Last Friday’, Donald Trump, Kanye West & more.

Dropping into the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios the West Coast legend and rap pioneer chopped it up with the morning show about a number of topics including his 10th studio, Everythang’s Corrupt, and the rapper/actor comments on how he believes he’s continued to find success in music, film, and other business ventures. Cube tells the morning crew that his longevity is due to his ability to always look forward, saying:

Staying focused. You know, not really, you know, kind of like sitting back and smelling the roses all the time. Not really just thinking about yesterday, but thinking about tomorrow, thinking about today. You know yesterday is cool. I do enjoy going back and looking at those projects and listening to those projects. For the most part, I’m kind of grinding and I’m like focused on what I got to do today.

The “Arrest The President” rapper is definitely no stranger to controversy, having come from the rebellious rap group N.W.A, but Cube expressed his understanding for his friend Kanye West. During the interview, Cube commented his thoughts on West’s support of Donald Trump and his stance in politics. While Cube believes that everyone is entitled to think they way they want, and not follow societal norms, the emcee does think that Ye should stay away from political commentary.

I’m a Kanye fan. I don’t do the Trump stuff. I think he’s misguided on that. But, you know you just can’t throw people away. The thing is this, we should probably, you know, stop talking so much about politics to each other. Because, what’s happening is, we want to throw each other away for these little things we think. And that ain’t cool because everybody believes in something. We all don’t believe the same, don’t think the same, don’t act the same, and I don’t want us too.

Ice Cube also shared his take on the controversy surrounding New York rapper 6ix9ine saying, “Everything ain’t for social media and the internets, and the this, and the that. I hope people learn that just because you make music, that don’t make you exempt from going to jail. Cube continues, “And we should know that by now just because you doing music, that don’t mean you can do whatever else you want in the streets.”

The Big 3 huncho also goes on to speak on the growth of his basketball league, who he thinks deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his upcoming collab with rapper LL Cool J, and more.

Peep the full Ice Cube x The Cruz Show interview below:

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