Ljay Currie Says Lil Wayne + Getting Kicked Out of His House Are Why He Makes Music [WATCH]

Ljay Currie Says Lil Wayne + Getting Kicked Out of His House Are Why He Makes Music [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Hailing from Los Angeles, Ljay Currie is the latest to sign to Motown Records. Blending the genres of hip-hop and R&B, the singer-songwriter recently released his Free EP, featuring standout single “Undercover” with Kiana Ledé. Now, he stops by Power 106 for our exclusive Now You Know series.

Speaking on his biggest musical influence, he states, “Lil Wayne is probably the reason I started rapping in the first place. And then also some LA people that I grew up seeing.” 

Ljay reveals being a basketball player and having a full-ride scholarship, but dropping out of school to pursue music.

“The moment I realized this music thing was for real was when my parents kicked me out the house, and I had to figure it out. I got kicked out because I was a basketball player and I was on a full ride scholarship. I took myself out of school to pursue music, and they just didn’t agree with music.”

In addition, he reveals what he wants fans to get from his story: “Escape-ism. I want my music to be heard and people feel like they can escape into whatever the story I’m telling or type of music I’m making that day. Also, I want people to relate and know that everyone’s going through the same shit, in a different way.”

Watch above as Ljay discusses his favorite Netflix shows, his creative process, and the most played artist on his phone!

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