Chance The Rapper To Become Chance The Mayor?

Chance The Rapper To Become Chance The Mayor?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 16: Music artist Chance The Rapper attends a news conference at City Hall on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Chance the Rapper announced his endorsement for Enyia and said she is the best candidate for Chicago. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Photo credit: Joshua Lott/ Getty Images

We all know that Chance the Rapper is very influential, especially when it comes to speaking to the generation, but do we think he could be a potential voice in politics? From rapper to political leader, is this additional career a bit of a stretch?

For several years, not only has the Chicago rapper been very involved in the music industry, but has also followed in his father’s footsteps, getting involved in politics. Chance’s father, Ken Williams-Bennett, a political operator who worked for former president Barak Obama. Chance has used his platform to bring awareness to the political system in Chicago.

The 25-year-old star has voiced that he is not seeking election as the Mayor of Chicago, though he has received support to run for office. It has been reported that the rapper and social activist will however, endorse candidate Amara Enyia in hopes that their shared views can change Chicago for the better.

“I want to work with somebody who is about change, somebody who is about our community, somebody who is about equity, somebody who is about fairness,” Chance said at a City Hall news conference. “…and the one person in my research of this wide-open race that’s views align with me would obviously be candidate Amara Enyia.”

Enyia also spoke to the public stating, “Chance and I, as evidenced by his work and my work in the city of Chicago, have a shared vision for this city,” Enyia said. “This is not your typical flash-in-the-pan endorsement. Today represents a commitment, the commitment that Chance and I and the hundreds of people that we’ve organized with, advocated with, and worked alongside. Today is the beginning of Chicago’s next level.”

Chance vaguely tweeted: “I’m thinkin maybe I should,” which has fans questioning what his intentions are.


In his song “Somewhere in Paradise” featuring Jeremih and R. Kelly, there is a line that somewhat answers the tweet, “They say I’m saving my city, say I’m staying for good / They screaming Chano for mayor, I’m thinking maybe I should.”

Should Chance the Rapper follow in his father’s footsteps? While music and politics are in completely different fields, one thing is for sure, the young rapper does have a very influential voice.


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