Wendy Williams Says R. Kelly Can’t Read and Write

Wendy Williams Says R. Kelly Can’t Read and Write

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 07: R. Kelly performs during The Buffet Tour at Allstate Arena on May 7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

In this day and age, you would think that with the access to education here in the United States, that it would be difficult to believe someone of such stature in the music industry would not be able to know how to read and write.  According to Wendy Williams, she claims that R. Kelly told her that he doesn’t know how to read, write or add numbers.

About ten years ago, R. Kelly admitted to having issues with reading due to the fact that he only completed elementary school due to his basketball talent. Wendy Williams also added that she still holds secrets of the singer that she will take to her grave because of the grandness of the secrets.

Watch the video down below.

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