Cardi B Makes More Music History To Start Off 2018

Cardi B Makes More Music History To Start Off 2018

Photo Credit: Getty Images- Rick Kern

Cardi B has done it again when it comes to the hottest music topping charts. 

Listening to Power 106, you have heard “Bodack Yellow,” “No Limit,” and “Motor Sport” playing all day long. 

So by now, you should already know what these are hitting pretty high on the Billboard charts. 

However, being on the charts is not what helped her make history, she is now among the Beatles and Ashanti for having three Billboard hits in the top 10. 

Yes, the top 10 all at one time all on Billboard. 

Right now, “Bodak Yellow” is at number 10, G-Eazy’s “No Limit” which she is featured on is at number 4 and “MotorSport” by Migos which she is also featured is sitting at number 7.

Being that Cardi really took off in 2017, it is awesome that she is bringing in 2018 with a bang. 

In 2017, not only did she manage to make major music, but she also took some major awards and even snagged a Grammy nomination. 

Cardi posted a video to her Instagram sharing the major news saying, 

“What a great way to start my Year. Thank you Lord Only you and I know how much I pray to you. These last few weeks been too much for me but my Lord always finds a way to uplift me. Thank you to my fans, DJs, Team for the support. Thanks to all the artist who featured me in these songs and thanks guys for showing my second single BARTIER CARDI some love (heart eye emojis) I love you.”

We can’t wait to see what Cardi has in store for 2018. 

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