A Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost Store Is Now Open

A Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost Store Is Now Open

photo credit: Jonathan Leibson l Getty Images

Where they do that at?!?!

A store dedicated to selling fake Yeezy boosts has taken over China and is open for business.

As if it’s not hard enough to cop an authentic pair of the Kanye West Adidas collab shoe line already, it just got easier to get your hands on a knock off.

Manufacturers over in China are now selling the counterfeit Yeezy merchandise in storefronts that have people actually buying the fake product. The fraud store is located in Wenzhou, China and a replica of the Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers are going for a discounted $151 American dollars. Although running up a tab of $220 for the real thing, the ‘Yeezy Store’ offers custom footwear.

While the store owner believes he’s in the clear for selling the knock off merch, it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds when Kanye and Kim’s people get ot the bottom of this.

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