DJ Khaled Overcomes His Fear of Flying [WATCH]

DJ Khaled Overcomes His Fear of Flying [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt | Getty Images

After ten years of not being able to fly on a plane because of fear, Khaled takes flight. The entertainer has not been on a plane for many years saying that this is the only fear he has ever had. Usually during his tour dates, DJ Khaled travels on a tour bus. After the birth of his son, Khaled has decided to take flight “I haven’t flown in 10 years, it’s the only fear I ever had in my life,” Khaled said. 

In true Khaled fashion, every moment of the flight was documented on Snapchat. Watch a compilation of DJ Khaled’s Snaps from the airplane below. 

WATCH DJ Khaled Taking Flight HERE:

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