Meek Mill Got Arrested After Going Live on IG [WATCH]

Meek Mill Got Arrested After Going Live on IG [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat | Getty Images

Meek Mill went on IG live and filmed him and his friends riding their motorbikes on the streets…Ruff Ryder style. The rapper posted the video for everyone to see, and that is just what happened. After posting the video, Meek Mill was taken into custody because law enforcement saw the video. 

According to TMZ the latest update on the Meek Mill situation is, “Meek has been officially arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. He was picked up by NYPD at 10:16 PM Thursday after a 911 call was made on Wednesday by witnesses who saw a group of people popping wheelies and riding dangerously down the street. Law enforcement turned to social media and were able to identify Meek, who was riding without a helmet. NYPD then took him into custody.” You can watch the video that Meek Mill posted below.

WATCH The Video That Meek Mill Posted HERE:

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