Kendrick Lamar’s Lists His Top 5 Rappers [WATCH]

Kendrick Lamar’s Lists His Top 5 Rappers [WATCH]

In the Hip-Hop culture, your list of top 5 rappers tells a lot about who you are, especially as an artist. Kendrick Lamar is someone that falls on many Hip-Hop lists himself. Today, Kendrick stopped by The Cruz Show and he told J Cruz which rappers (dead or alive) made it on his list.

“Gimmie J…Gimmie Em, Pac, BIG, and Gimmie Snoop,” Kendrick said. “These are the cats that inspired me the most. When you hear the lyrics, you can hear their influence.” Watch Kendrick list his top 5 rappers (dead or alive) below.

WATCH Kendrick Lamar List His Top 5 Rappers HERE: 

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