Our Top 6 Words That Need To Stay In 2016

Our Top 6 Words That Need To Stay In 2016

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It is almost time for a fresh start aka 2017, and before we take that next step into the future, we need to leave some things behind…That includes some lingo. Hopefully, our fresh start strikes up some inspiration for some new slang to hit us and get used up just like these words. We aren’t saying NOT to use these words, but we ARE saying that if you need to retire some words for the new year…These would, or should, be the words on the list. Here is our ‘Top 6 Words That Need To Stay In 2016’ list. 

#6. CRAY

Ahhhh…yes the ever infamous word that possibly was introduced by Kanye & Jay Z in the track “Ni**as In Paris” where you hear the lyrics “That $h** CRAY!” We aren’t knocking that song, but the time has come to freshen things up a bit. That track is fire, but we need to bring back that letter ‘Z’ in 2017.


Literally, we can’t believe this word is literally not played out yet. This word is literally not even hip-hop, literally. Literally, this word has been in heavy rotation since before 2016, and we literally can’t even in 2017. 


This word really was everything, and described that feeling of being in the club, or that friday feeling. It really was the right word to relay that feeling to your followers, but now people that are staying home are using that word to no end. And that’s probably not really how the creator of turnt wanted you to use it.


This is that word that you use to describe the way that those haters keep hating on you. This word needs to stay in 2016, not because we are trying to throw shade, just because there shouldn’t be a reason have a word for this in the first place. 

#2. LIT

This is one of those words that was actually fun to say until people that weren’t doing lit things started using the word to describe something that was not lit. So, we could let this one slide, but just make sure you are really using it when something is actually lit


This is another word that was actually fun to say, and it described that on-point eyebrow or eyeliner perfectly. But, once your cool teachers start saying it, we think it is time to move on for 2017.

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