Power $106,000 Secret Sound

Power $106,000 Secret Sound

We’re playing the Secret Sound and we want you to WIN your share!

Listen: Listen to 105.9FM on your radio at work, in your car, at home via your smart speaker, or via
the stream at power106.com weekdays at around :40 past the hour EVERY HOUR from 7a to 7p.

Call: When you hear the cue to call, be caller number #10 at 818.520.1059 and you’ll get a chance to play.

Win: Guess the sound correctly and you win the JACKPOT. Each sound starts at $1,000 and grows
by $100 for each incorrect guess until someone WINS!

Official Rules Here


The following are incorrect answers.
Some of them may not have won because they were not specific enough.
Listen to Power 106 to keep track of the clues!
Cutting open a box with scissors
An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Igniting a lighter
Binder clip
soda can opening
Hanging up the phone
Taking a photo/ flash
Page Ripping
Hand Turning On A Clock
Ice Skate
Turning Off The Clicking Setting On Your Iphone
Hitting A Key On A Type Writer
Side Button on your phone when you lock it
Racquet ball
a mat
Pen clicking
Turn Signal
Old school type writer
Retracting tape measurer
People snapping or flicking their fingers
People Counter
A staple gun
The click when you’re locking an iphone
Stop Watch
shutter camera
Automatic Paper Stapler
Punching in a time clock
Time Burst Photo Sound
An iphone when you lock it
Automatic soap dispenser

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