Rapper Dave East Lights Up Power 106’s Liftoff Show with Justin Credible

Rapper Dave East Lights Up Power 106’s Liftoff Show with Justin Credible

In a recent appearance on Power 106’s Liftoff Show with Justin Credible, East Coast rapper Dave East opened up about various aspects of his life and career, providing fans with valuable insights into his journey as an artist and a father, as well as discussing the inspiration behind his new summer release and second album, “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

Dave East discusses becoming more mindful of his lyricism as he reflects on fatherhood. As his daughter now listens to his music, he’s focusing on crafting meaningful lyrics that resonate with his fans. This newfound responsibility has influenced the recording process for his latest album, which took approximately two years to complete. “Fortune Favors the Bold” boasts an impressive lineup of collaborations with artists such as G-Eazy, Tyga, Ty Dolla Signs and Ghostface Killa.

Among the collaborations, the story behind “Hustlers” with Tyga emerged as a highlight. Dave East shared how the collaboration came about, involving creating a fresh beat and flow that adds a unique element to the album. Clearly, he is dedicated to taking his time with his music, paying close attention to every detail and ensuring that his tracks resonate deeply with his audience.

The interview shed light on Dave East’s excitement for his upcoming tour, especially with the prospect of performing in Canada for the first time. He expressed a genuine love for performing, relishing the knowledge that his ideas have transformed into music that fans can passionately sing along to.

Reflecting on his past and the 2016 XXL cover, Dave East spoke fondly of witnessing his fellow artists blossom in their careers, drawing parallels with his own journey of growth and success. As a rapper hailing from New York, he also shared his thoughts on the evolving rap scene, highlighting the prominence of female artists making waves in the industry.

Dave East discussed his passion for acting and how it differs from how he’s perceived as a rapper. He revealed his favorite things about being an actor, particularly enjoying the opportunity to reach different audiences and connect with diverse characters.

Interestingly, Dave East expressed his disdain for AI-generated songs, citing his distrust for AI technology after watching the movie “iRobot” and witnessing the Tupac Coachella hologram. The New York rapper claimed he’d like his fans to let him rest and not recreate his songs or image through this new popular technology.

Wrapping up the interview, Dave East offered valuable advice to his younger self and expressed admiration for fellow artists who inspire him.

Editorial by Liliana Santos

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