FoosGoneWild With Estevan Oriol & George Perez On 5 Year Anniversary Show, Documentary and more

FoosGoneWild With Estevan Oriol & George Perez On 5 Year Anniversary Show, Documentary and more

Award-winning Director Estevan Oriol, Comedian George Perez and Lil’ Mr. E, prominent figures within the cholo community, recently visited Brown Bag Mornings to share their stories and upcoming projects. The trio provided an insider’s perspective on their journey from the hood to becoming influential icons within the Foo community.

Lil’ Mr. E spoke about the captivating docuseries titled “Clown Now, Cry Later,” in collaboration with acclaimed director Estevan Oriol. This project, which premiered last Saturday at the Foos Gone Wild 5th Anniversary Celebration, features the likes of Cain Carias, known as the “Puppet Master,” as well as Steven “Dove Guy” Sandoval and Cristian “Kush” Ballesteros.

Oriol, known for his artistic vision and passion, said he expressed immediate interest in the FoosGoneWild platform and shared his belief that laughter and fun play essential roles in our lives. “You gotta have fun and laugh a little bit,” he said.  

Oriol aimed to capture the everyday experiences of those who participate in the FoosGoneWild craze, delving deeper into their stories beyond the constraints of a 60-second Instagram video. Successful in this storytelling, Oriol’s directorial skills were recently recognized at the Five Continents International Film Festival, where he received the prestigious Best Director in a Documentary award for his outstanding work on this collaboration project.

The celebration for FoosGoneWild’s significant 5-year milestone was commemorated with a spectacular event at the Youtube Theater in Inglewood. Besides the exclusive film screening, the evening also featured outstanding performances by renowned artists such as Xzibit, Lupe Fiasco and DJ Livia.

Comedian George Perez, who hosted the event, shared the story of how he connected with Lil’ Mr. E at The Comedy Store, recognizing their shared cultural relevance within the Foo community. Perez’s comedic talent and involvement have made him a recurring guest at FoosGoneWild’s anniversary celebrations.

During the conversation, Lil’ Mr. E stressed the importance of comedy as a means of healing and unity within the community. Beyond pursuing viral fame, FoosGoneWild aims to create a supportive community, providing an escape from depression and bringing joy to its followers. Lil’ Mr. E fondly recounted the messages he received from individuals expressing gratitude for the moments of happiness his content brings them.

“Comedy heals foos,” he said.

The conversation also touched upon some iconic moments within the viral community, including the widely recognized “Jack in the Crack,” chick, the hilarious “Look at it closely” foo, and the unforgettable “Anaheim Ashley.” Lil’ Mr. E proudly stood behind the popular “Edgar” aesthetic, hinting that he may even have an “Edgar” cut behind his mask, emphasizing FoosGoneWild’s commitment to supporting the “Edgar” community.

Estevan Oriol shared his thoughts on the changing landscape of the community, expressing his admiration for the old-school LA building style and lamenting the impact of new attractions that he believes are polluting the skyline. Meanwhile, Lil’ Mr. E passionately highlighted the importance of Black and Brown unity, not only through his platform but also in art, film, music, and comedy. He teased upcoming collaborations, including an exciting song with renowned DJ Quik, who will also produce some of his upcoming projects.

These cultural icons continue to inspire and unite the cholo community through their art, laughter, and commitment to fostering a supportive and “no lames” environment within the Foo community. To find out where to watch “Clown Now, Cry Later,” and keep up with upcoming projects, follow @FoosGoneWild on Instagram, as well as @LilMr.E, @EstevanOriol and @GeorgePComedy. 

Editorial by: Liliana Santos

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