iCandy On “Keep Dat” Viral Success, Friendship With Kodak Black, Collaboration With GloRilla + More!

iCandy On “Keep Dat” Viral Success, Friendship With Kodak Black, Collaboration With GloRilla + More!

Step into the world of iCandy, the female rapper making her mark in a male-dominated industry with her unique style, catchy lyrics and infectious energy. Hailing from the vibrant city of Pompano Beach, Florida, this rising rap sensation sat down with Bryhana for an exclusive interview that takes us through her early rap career, the success of her viral hit “Keep Dat” and her inspiring journey as a self-funded artist.
From the very beginning of the interview, iCandy captivates us with her inspiring rapper origin story. She reminisces about hanging around her godbrother in the studio, where her love for the microphone ignited. Fueled by her natural talent and an unwavering belief in her skills, she boldly stepped up, confident that she could out-rap anyone in the room.

“My godbrother used to have me around the guys in the studio… and then I was like, ‘I can rap better than these.’ And from that moment, I started rapping and never looked back.”
Drawing inspiration from her mother’s affectionate nickname “Candy,” due to her irresistible love for all things sweet, the 27-year-old artist transformed the childhood moniker into her stage name, evolving from iCandy Davis to simply iCandy over the years.

During the interview, iCandy candidly opens up about expressing her vibrant personality through her lyrics and acknowledges the moments of doubt she faced while watching other artists soar to success in the industry.

“[There] was definitely moments you see other artists that you feel like, ‘oh, I’ve been doing this,’ and they just blow up right in your face. It’s hard, but I had a good support system.”
In those challenging times, iCandy found comfort and strength in her sister, who became an essential motivator throughout her career. iCandy also found empowerment in collaborating with talented artists such as GloRilla, Kali and Big Boss Vette, as she joined the women making waves in the music industry.
iCandy shares feeling surprised behind the massive success of her hit record, “Keep Dat,” claiming she was moving on to make more new music before the song went viral. The catchy track took TikTok by storm, with iCandy herself creating a dance trend to accompany the song, propelling its virality to new heights.

“I laid the foundation, and they took it to the next level,” she joyfully explains. “I spent the whole night in front of the mirror perfecting this dance.”

iCandy reveals her friendship with fellow hometown artist Kodak Black, whose shared background has cultivated a close bond, with Kodak extending invitations to album-drop parties and expressing unwavering support for iCandy’s career.

“We grew up together, went to school together,” shesaid. “Kodak was actually one of the guys in the studio who I thought, ‘I can out-rap him.'”

Adding a lighthearted touch, iCandy recalls a hilarious incident involving one of her favorite candies, a Snickers chocolate bar, which resulted in a chipped tooth and a temporary tooth replacement. Furthermore, she takes us on a journey through her purse essentials, shares her dream collaboration with Miley Cyrus and discusses an unexpected turn of events when her hit song prompted her ex-boyfriend to reach out to her for the “diss” track.

Don’t miss out on this incredible interview with iCandy, filled with inspiring stories, laughter, and valuable insights into the life of a rising rap star.

Editorial by: Liliana Santos

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