NLE Choppa Addresses Viral Video + Releasing New Music

NLE Choppa Addresses Viral Video + Releasing New Music

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NLE Choppa stops by Power 106 and sits down with DJ Felli Fell. NLE Choppa is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is most known for “Shotta Flow” which peaked in the Top 40 billboards hot 100 charts. 

In this interview, NLE Choppa talks about many first in his career. One of them being recent, his new song with Lil Wayne. He goes on to say this isn’t the only song he will do with Lil Wayne, “. . . this won’t be the last.” He also tells Felli Fell he had a full circle moment when he collaborated with Lil Wayne because he’s always been a fan. 

NLE Choppa is staying busy, he has a new album coming and is still collaborating with other artists making music. His most recent collaboration is on the remix “Sl*t Me Out” He will have Sukiana and Sexy Red, two strong female artists. DJ Felli Fell asked him about “Sl*t Me Out” and how a clip from the music video went viral. NLE Choppa says he received a lot of backlash for the viral video of him walking two women like dogs. He doesn’t let the noise get to him because he says he’s just focused on creating the best art. He does say it was a learning experience. 

They go on to talk about hearing his song on the radio for the first time and growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, “you are surviving”

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