YG On Whether “FDT” With Nipsey Hussle Should’ve Won A Grammy & Bad Timing Of “How To Rob A Rapper”

YG On Whether “FDT” With Nipsey Hussle Should’ve Won A Grammy & Bad Timing Of “How To Rob A Rapper”

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After releasing his sixth studio album ‘I Got Issues,’ we celebrated YG with a Power VIP Party where fans pulled up to the Power 106 studios for an intimate and in-depth conversation about his highly anticipated project. 

Speaking with Letty of the Power Mornings show, YG discusses how he’s back to his highest level of skill after admitting his previous work was solely to get out of a deal, and now he’s focused on getting back to his essential artist. ‘I Got Issues’ is a labor of work that YG has been focused on for the past years where he finds himself expressing his vulnerability and challenges when it comes to life’s journey. Explaining the album’s artwork, YG details how he handles his issues in song and recreationally. YG also highlights the achievement of finally connecting with Nas as he attempted to get the New York GOAT on his two previous releases. 

Reflecting back on his friendship and his work relationship with the late Nipsey Hussle, YG speaks on the controversial “FDT” song that put both him and Nip under a microscope with the FBI at one point. While Letty and YG discuss his stature in music and stereotypes that may be placed on the Compton-bred rapper, the notion that the political song was overlooked by industry peers, but would have gained more recognition and possibly a Grammy if someone else would have recorded it. 

YG takes time to send his condolences to the family of the late PnB Rock and also explains the timing of the release of his “How To Rob A Rapper” song and why there was no ill intention behind the record but to tell the life stories that many experience in Los Angeles. 

YG goes on to speak about changing the image of gangster rap and entrepreneurship, being a liaison of representation for the Hispanic culture, the recent bill passed by Governor Gavin Newsom restricting rap lyrics in trials, and much more.

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