Vancouver Artist Kresnt Shares ‘College Dropout’ Inspired “ONE MORE THING” Visual

Vancouver Artist Kresnt Shares ‘College Dropout’ Inspired “ONE MORE THING” Visual

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Kresnt starts his graduation speech with “First of all gotta thank myself” and proceeds to showcase why.

As a recent university graduate, like many students during the pandemic, Kresnt was not able to attend his own graduation ceremony, so he created a Zoom conference call for the class of 2020. 
The Marleau produced track “ONE MORE THING” kicks off Kresnt’s new album ‘HUSTLE SOLD SEPARATELY’ and takes a satirical approach on both the song and video as Kresnt speaks on the bandwagon people around you giving false advice the moment you see a little bit of success: 

“One time for the shoulda would guys/ Throwing crook eyes / Typical hood liesYeah I can guess/ Go ahead Let’s hear the flex”

The Liam MacCosham directed visual follows the lyrics of the song and each punchline, Kresnt takes the viewer into a new scene. Whether it’s going into a literal battlegrounds during Kresnt’s war line or Kresnt playing the role of an accountant by telling the “clowns” of the industry that you can only fake your authenticity for so long before going broke.

Last week , Kresnt released the first single of the LP “Apartment 308” produced by Toronto’s own Young Jin (https://www.tiktok.com/@yjturnitup). Apartment 308 artwork features a 6-year-old Kresnt in a one bedroom apartment with his 3 brothers.  The Afghan-Canadian artist speaks on escaping war from Afghanistan as a refugee and finding a new home in Western Canada. The album acts as chapter one in Kresnt’s life as he puts together his punchline-style-bars reminiscent of old Lil Wayne mixed with Jay’s Blueprint & Ye’s College dropout. 

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