New Study Claims Lakers Fans Complain The Most

New Study Claims Lakers Fans Complain The Most

Photo credit: Christian Petersen/ Getty

Lakers fans are said to be the least happy fanbase in the NBA when it comes to on-court-ruling, according to a recent Twitter study.

The study was conducted by betonline.ag using a month of Twitter data and tracking negative tweets about officiating among each NBA team’s supporters. 

Lakers tops the list with Knicks, Nets and Bulls following after. Sports Illustrated pointed out, the Lake Show has the largest fanbase. So it’s not far fetch that their fans would be in the lead. These teams are also the biggest markets seen complaining the most on Twitter. 

The study follows the Lakers game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, where they faced the Indiana Pacers and may make sense to those keeping up with the concerns those a part of the Lakers have. Earlier this season, Lakers head coach Frank Fogel said he reached out to the league regarding how little free throws he felt Anthony Davis was getting in. 

“I think Anthony Davis getting zero free throw attempts is a little bit mind-boggling,” Vogel said following a Lakers-Bucks matchup, where the Bucks shot 24 free throws compared to the Lakers’ 12. “And it’s something we’ve been communicating to the league about.”

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