Dusty Just Released His Highly-Anticipated Project, Titled ‘True To Me’

Dusty Just Released His Highly-Anticipated Project, Titled ‘True To Me’

Dustystaytrue is the newest artist to sign to South Coast Music Group, home to rap superstars DaBaby, Toosii, Blacc Zacc, & TiaCorine. At only 22 years old, the New Haven, Connecticut native has beaten all the odds, rising from the trenches and turning his life around for the better. With music being his therapy, Dustystaytrue creates heartfelt music inspired by real-life experiences, standing out amongst the rest in the rap game.

Now, he returns to unleash his debut project titled True To Me, representing himself in his truest form: from his name to the way he approaches life

Staying authentic to himself. Recording half the project in Connecticut and half in Charlotte, the 12-track body of work speaks volumes to Dustystaytrue’s journey as an artist, letting the world know he’s never going to switch up no matter where he goes.

Speaking on the project, Dustystaytrue states, “The energy was great during my whole recording process. Every time I went to the studio, there were multiple producers in there ready to work. It’s all emotion and life experiences. I probably finished at least half the project in Charlotte while I was there for the week. While recording this project, I spoke straight from my life experiences and wanted to give my fans and listeners a chance to dive deeper into my life and mind.”

The project is spearheaded by lead singles, “True To Me,” “Never Change,” “Solar System,” and “Bottom,” all paired with cinematic visuals that bring Dustystaytrue’s true colors to light.

He adds, “It’s a way of life for me (staying true to myself), but also a play on my name DustyStayTrue.”

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