Logic Announces First Memoir ‘This Bright Future’

Logic Announces First Memoir ‘This Bright Future’

Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/ Getty

Logic is back and gearing up for the release of his first-ever memoir, This Bright Future, in September 2021.

The rapper took to social media to reveal the news and fans are juiced.

“Excited to announce that my memoir, This Bright Future, is available for pre-order,” he proudly shared on Twitter. “This is the story of everything I’ve gone through and it’s been a beautiful and difficult journey to relive. There’s honestly so much that I’ve never been able to express in the music and the interviews that followed. I’m so happy and proud to finally give my fans and the rest of the world my entire story. The way I never could with my music!”

This Bright Future is being described as a “raw and unfiltered journey into the life and mind of Bobby Hall, who emerged from the wreckage of a horrifically abusive childhood to become an era-defining artist of our tumultuous age.” The official website notes the artist ran away from home at 17 after years of abuse and neglect. It was later that he became Logic. “transforming a childhood of violence, anger, and trauma into music that spread a resilient message of peace, love, and positivity. His songs would touch the lives of millions, taking him to dizzying heights of success, where the wounds of his childhood and the perils of Internet fame would nearly be his undoing.”

This marks Logic’s second book since his 2019 release of Supermarket, which went to to become a No. 1 New York Times bestseller. This Bright Future drops September 7th.

Pre-order HERE via Simon and Schuster.