Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Popular Hand Sanitizers

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Popular Hand Sanitizers

Photo credit: Naomi Baker / Getty

Several popular hand sanitizer brands have been found to contain high levels of benzene. This is a chemical known to cause cancer.

The report came from Bloomberg that a New Haven, Connecticut Pharmacy called Valisure tested and analyzed 260 bottles of sanitizers from 168 brands. In their studies, they discovered 17 percent of the sanitizers contained benzene.

“These findings are alarming and reveal a serious potential risk to public health,” said Valisure.

While it’s not clear how or why the high levels of benzene is being found in sanitizers, some suggest it might have occurred during the manufacturing process. To see Valisure’s citizen petition, which was filed Wednesday with the FDA, click here. There you can also find a list of brands identified with high benzene levels.

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