CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez on Live TV Arrest, Filming Police Brutality, Mismanaged Police + More

CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez on Live TV Arrest, Filming Police Brutality, Mismanaged Police + More

CNN Reporter, Omar Jimenez sat with Nick Cannon Mornings for a Community Conversation to discuss his arrest on live tv, how to be compliant with the police, the impact of murders being filmed and the effects on our children, defunding the police and more.

On May 29, 2020, Jimenez and his three-person news crew were arrested by Minnesota state police officers while reporting live on protests in response to the death of George Floyd. According to Jimenez, he was arrested for failing to move back from the position where they were reporting after being ordered to, despite their media credentials being visible and valid, and their agreeing to move where directed. He tells Nick what exactly happened that day.

“So we had been out there for days in Minneapolis, covering the unrest after George Floyd’s death. When we got there early morning, basically that entire block was on fire. We were reporting there for maybe two hours, no law enforcement, no firefighters, no nothing. And then all of a sudden everyone showed in within 5 minutes.” He continued; “as we were sitting there, the stood behind us for a while. Then this woman protestor ran past us, and then they started chasing that person, the next thing I know we’re surrounded, and then there were no words exchanged. The first words I heard were, “You’re under arrest!”.

Nick asked Omar what happened to the officers that falsely arrested him and he says that he has no idea and that the state police there never communicated with him and his filming crew on why exactly they were handcuffed. The Minnesota State Police tweeted that the reason they were detained was that they needed to prove that they were members of the media. After CNN confirmed who they were, the Governor issued an apology to the news outlet, Omar, and his team.

Check out the full interview below:

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