Andy Allo Talks New Film ‘2 Minutes of Fame’, TV Show ‘Upload’, Working with Prince, Defunding the Police + More

Andy Allo Talks New Film ‘2 Minutes of Fame’, TV Show ‘Upload’, Working with Prince, Defunding the Police + More

Singer and songwriter Andy Allo, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss new music coming soon, working with Prince, her upcoming movie co-starring with Jay Pharoah, Katt Williams and, Keke Palmer, civil unrest and defunding police departments.

Andy also talked about her musical journey and her upbringing in Cameroon. She tells Nick, “I started off as a singer-songwriter, playing guitar, singing songs… and I put out my first album in 2009, and a couple years later, got introduced to Prince, and joined his band.” She continued, “I toured with him and we ended up working together on my second album, “Superconductor”, and that came out in 2012. After that I kind of played with Pop-Rock and then kind of went back to my singer-songwriter roots. So for each record, I just embraced “genre-bending” and playing in different playgrounds of music.”

She also talks about her movie and tv career, starring in Amazon Prime Original ‘Upload’. Andy then discusses working with Greg Daniels and the grind of auditioning for her many roles. She says, “the movie that’s coming out this week, when we were filming, I was auditioning for ‘Upload’, and it’s taken that same amount of time, so all these projects are coming out at the same time so it’s pretty crazy.”

Nick and Andy, spoke on the incident with Jay Pharoah and the police. Nick asked how did she feel seeing the video of Jay laying on the ground with guns drawn by the Police. The actress said:

“It was infuriating, and also terrifying because there’s no moment of even thinking or grace. It’s like instant, just leading with guns drawn… like I felt that fear for him. And you can see it as he was explaining it, you don’t think “this can happen to me”, I have fame or whatever… but it does happen.”

Check out the full interview below:

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