Lil Yachty Reached Out To Lizzo For “Oprah’s Bank Account” Feature But She Ghosted Him

Lil Yachty Reached Out To Lizzo For “Oprah’s Bank Account” Feature But She Ghosted Him

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Lil Boat, A.K.A. Lil Yachty stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about future projects and he not only managed to get two of the biggest artists in hip-hop on a track, but also how Lizzo ghosted him!

When asked about how the the track came along and his vision for who he wanted to be features, Lil Yachty surprisingly said he had hit up Lizzo to be on the track, however she never returned his messages.

“Originally I reached out to Lizzo to get on the song. I sent it to her before anybody…I don’t know if she was busy…I didn’t get any response…but it’s all, she’s very busy.”

Since Lizzo never got back, Yachty decided to reach out to Dababy and pulled up on a meet-and-greet!

“I knew he was coming to Atlanta, I knew he had a meet-and-greet. So I kinda, just went…hung out with him for like 4 hours…and asked him to go to the studio…He was down and it was awesome!”

While the track could’ve been a hit with Lil Yachty and Dababy alone, when Drake got to listen to “Oprah’s Bank Account,” he immediately asked to be a part of it.

“I did not ask Drake, that’s not someone you can just ask. I put a snippet of it on my finsta and he heard it and said, ‘Man, this is gonna be a big song,’ and asked to be on it.”

Dang, guess these artists really aren’t sleeping on Lil Boat!

Oh! And best believe Nick Cannon had to challenge the young rapper to a good ol’ game of Connect 4! However, Yachty said he had them “cheat codes” on deck! Peep the video below to see who wins!

Catch the rest of Lil Yachty’s interview on Nick Cannon Mornings below!

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