Lala Milan Puts Nick Cannon On Full Blast And Says He Should Stop Rapping

Lala Milan Puts Nick Cannon On Full Blast And Says He Should Stop Rapping

Photo credit: Power 106

The social media, rising star, Lala Milan, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about how her internet rise to fame helped launch her newly acclaimed acting career on the BIG screen! Known for her comedic Instagram skits, and for doing collabs with her best friend, “Blame It On Kway” Lala proved that she was a force to be reckoned with, on more than just the internet.

Milan recently landed an acting role on the second season of B.E.T.’s “Boomerang” however, interestingly enough, she wasn’t even supposed to be in it. “Boomerang” creator, Lena Waithe, gave Milan a shot just so she could gain experience auditioning. Waithe didn’t even think Lala Milan was even going to land the role; she simply wanted to help a girl out!

“…I saw her at the Movie and TV Awards…she gave me her number. I hit her up four times over a span of a couple months…She even told me after, ‘Well you know I planned on making you audition just so you could get the experience…if you didn’t get it at least you had the experience.’”

Speaking of unexpected roles, when the two talked about music, Lala straight up did NOT believe Nick had any bangers that could get him on the Millennium Tour bill. While some question Cannon’s musical career, there’s no doubt he did have some BANGERS that nearly everyone knew back in the day, and Lala had to admit it!

Catch the rest of Lala Milan’s interview on Nick Cannon Mornings below!