Kehlani Shares Another Break-Up Anthem With “Toxic” [LISTEN]

Kehlani Shares Another Break-Up Anthem With “Toxic” [LISTEN]

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She’s not finished yet y’all!

On the heel’s of her last her breakup track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” Baelani is back for more! “Toxic” was produced by G. Ry and KBeaZy. The song seems to examine both sides of a toxic relationship from her behavior as well as what she’s dealt with.

Some fans commented on the song title and choice of artwork, which depicts the singer washing her hands, was in bad taste due to all that is going on with COVID-19; but it seems that it was just coincidental timing and of course the track has nothing to do with the virus.

Kehlani also revealed on Twitter, that she freestyled most of the lyrics as well!

Listen to “Toxic” below: