Whitney Houston Hologram Disappoints Fans

Whitney Houston Hologram Disappoints Fans

Photo credit: Getty / Kevork Djansezian 

Fans are not happy with the Whitney Houston hologram tour. The concert opened up Tuesday night (February 25) in Sheffield, England.

In attendance were fans and music critics alike. They did not hold back their thoughts taking them straight to Twitter. A music critic from the UK Mirror said “In life, Whitney Houston was exploited by everyone around her, so why should passing to the great beyond make any difference when there is money still to be made . . . bringing the dead back to life never works out well.”

One fan that stood out said, “Imagine being so money hungry you are willing to digitize a version of your daughter/sister/friend/colleague to keep your bankroll coming regardless of how tacky and blatantly exploitative it is… #whitneyhologram”

On Ticketmaster the tickets never sold out for the opening night. Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston still stands by the tour and says that’s what Whitney would have wanted.

I’m not saying the Whitney Houston hologram tour will be a hot mess, but they are suggesting she had as much grace as a malfunctioning The Sims character wafting away a fart on #ThisMorning pic.twitter.com/9uJJCnCfTZ

— Melodi Adam R (@MrAdamR) February 19, 2020

Dang! Are y’all trying to catch a show?