[WATCH] Bino Rideaux Reveals He Has “So Much” Unreleased Music With Nipsey Hussle

[WATCH] Bino Rideaux Reveals He Has “So Much” Unreleased Music With Nipsey Hussle

Photo Credit: Power 106

Kalisha sat down with Bino Rideaux to talk getting his start in the industry, balancing his career with being a father, how he linked up with Nipsey Hussle and whether or not he plans to put out all the unreleased music they have together.

For those who may not know, Bino says if he had to use only one sentence to define himself it would be, “Whatever it take for the grind, all sacrifice. Just willingness, I’m just here to go out and get it.” He’s as hustler if y’all ain’t know!

If you’re wondering about his name, he exlained Bino is a name given to him from the streets, but Rideaux is actually his real last name. It’s French!

On how he linked with Nipsey Hussle, he explains “It was kind of an organic thing. And it was always like, when we talked about it amongst ourselves, back when this was just getting off the ground, like who would be wanna link with? It was always Nip. That always made the most sense to us.” The rapper says he would talk to All Money In Adam about it, who advised that it would happen “when the time is right.”

Bino continued, “I kinda made a little noise in the streets and Nip ended up reaching out off Casey Veggies phone. on FaceTime like ‘Man, pull up to the studio!’ and ever since then we just been rocking.”

Watch below for Kalisha and Bino’s full sit down:

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