Royce Da 5’9” On ‘Allegory’, Shows Love To Griselda & Praises Joe Budden For His Podcasting Success [WATCH]

Royce Da 5’9” On ‘Allegory’, Shows Love To Griselda & Praises Joe Budden For His Podcasting Success [WATCH]

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Detroit’s very own Royce Da 5’9 tapped in with the L.A. Leakers recently to discuss his new album and how hip-hop has evolved throughout the years. Royce was on the rise early in his career after gaining recognition through his collaborations with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Once his solo career began to take off, he quickly proved why he deserved a spot in the rap game. 

During the L.A. Leakers interview, Royce reflected on what it took to finally find what it meant to be successful and how he has accepted himself as an artist. Royce states, “Success is so subjective, I don’t really need any of the things I thought I needed, to feel successful.” He continued, “Peace of mind is a big thing for me, peace of mind and freedom.”

Shortly after, Royce Da 5’9 spoke on how hip-hop gave him freedom to express himself. He said, “The freedom to say whatever I want to say, I feel like that’s what hip-hop is predicated on. It started as this thing that gave us a voice that people didn’t want us to have.” Royce is a big believer in spiritual awakenings and how that can open up different perspectives for someone. He claims to have had one after becoming completely sober and says that it “completely changed his life” for the better.  

In the latter part of the interview, the Detroit rapper began to praise Joe Budden and his successful career. Budden currently hosts his own podcast and Royce had some thoughts on its success. He said, “It’s like listening to a fighter commentate… he’s really good.” 

Check out the rest of the interview above and be on the look out for Royce Da 5’9’s upcoming album, The Allegory, arriving Friday!     

Co-written by Isaiah Castaneda.

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